Meet Kim - Employee of the Month

At McLaren Macomb we believe in recognizing outstanding employees who consistently exceed expectations to ensure the highest degree of patient satisfaction. The Employee of the Month Award is presented to an employee whose exemplary performance, professionalism and leadership contributes to McLaren Macomb's mission and core values.

Kim is employee of the month

Meet Kim
Registered Nurse, Clinical Decision Unit

Kim spent her formative years growing up in Casco Township and moved to Chesterfield in high school. Kim is the second oldest of five children, including two brothers and two sisters. She has been married for seventeen years to Brian and has two daughters, Amelia, 16, and Abby, 14. Kim and her family currently live in Casco. Kim attended Rochester College and received her Bachelor's degree in psychology in 2005. She continued her education at St. Clair County Community College where she received her Associate degree in nursing in 2009.

In 2008, while still in nursing school, Kim began her career with McLaren Macomb as a nurse technician on 5 South. Upon her graduation, she took on the position of registered nurse on 5 South where she spent the next four years. Her desire for change led her to the ICU where she spent the next three years. Still longing to learn more and gain new experience, Kim recently moved to the clinical decision unit as a contingent RN. She also enjoys sharing her time working in the ICU and on 4 West.

For Kim, being a RN continuously allows her to use both her clinical and people skills in a most meaningful way "“ which is what attracted her to a career in nursing early in her life. As Kim describes her role, "I get the privilege of being a caregiver, an advocate, a teacher, and counselor. I enjoy talking to and educating my patients so they have the security of knowing how to care for themselves after they are discharged. Simply put, I enjoy the tasks of patient care." Another favorite aspect of her job is being part of an amazing team that inspires her to be a continuous learner.

Kim is continuously motivated to make her patients and their families feel as though they are part of "our" McLaren Macomb team, and that they have input on their own care. Says Kim, "I am inspired when my co-workers and I are recognized for our hard work, dedication to our patients, their care, our unit and the hospital as a whole."

Kim initially chose McLaren Macomb because it was close to her home. But over the past eight years McLaren Macomb has become her "home", where she enjoys the work environment and being part of a hard working team. She is quick to profess, "I like what I am doing here, and I like who I'm doing it with."

Kim believes that trying to be helpful, kind and positive helps turn unpleasant or bad situations around. She also believes that sometimes laughter really is the best medicine and having a listening ear can be helpful as well.

The best advice Kim has for a new employee beginning their career is, "challenge yourself, ask questions and never stop learning. Be a team player and help your co-workers because there isn't a better feeling than going home after work knowing that everyone worked together and had a great shift."

Kim believes the best aspects of her job include the ability to take care of a variety of patients as well as hone different nursing skills, depending on which unit she is working on whether it be ICU, medical/surgical or the observation unit. She finds it equally beneficial to take what works from one unit and incorporate it on another unit. She enjoys working with the staff on all of the units because she is able to see how teamwork among units impacts the full spectrum of patient care and contributes to a high-level of patient satisfaction.

In Kim's mind satisfaction encompasses the many positive experiences patients perceive while receiving care. When a patient tells her that everyone has been kind and that they have received good care or comments about a great nurse or doctor who took good care of them, or mentions the food was good, she knows she has done her job well.

During time away from her work, Kim enjoys relaxing with her family, baking, watching the Tigers, going on vacations and watching her daughters compete in sports.