Meet Orlando - Employee of the Month

Orlando is employee of the month
At McLaren Macomb we believe in recognizing outstanding employees who consistently exceed expectations to ensure the highest degree of patient satisfaction. The Employee of the Month award is presented to an employee whose exemplary performance, professionalism and leadership contributes to McLaren Macomb's mission and core values.

Meet Orlando

Orlando was born in the Philippines and moved to Hawaii in 1978. After receiving his Associates degree in Electrical installation and Maintenance Technology, Orlando worked in the electrical field including industrial, commercial and marine construction in Hawaii for fifteen years.

In early 2001 he moved to Michigan. In February of 2015, he and his wife celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary. 
Orlando has worked for McLaren Macomb since May 2001 and is currently a Master Electrician in Plant Operations. His primary responsibilities include all aspects of electrical work including preventative maintenance, installation, and renovations throughout the facility/campus. 

Orlando is always motivated when confronting challenging situations and always enjoys learning about new technologies and equipment. Inspired by McLaren's tuition reimbursement policy Orlando is equally interested new opportunities to learn more and advance his career at McLaren Macomb. What he likes most about his job is helping his fellow co-workers and teaching them about the many aspects of electrical maintenance. In short, Orlando sums it up best as he claims "I love electrical work!"

Believing you can turn a bad day around and make it good he always keeps a positive attitude. He also believes it is important to not only ask for help, but offer help whenever necessary. 
And for new employees beginning a career he readily offers this advice "Dedicate yourself to your work and look for opportunities to learn new aspects of your job. Always stay on top of new technology."

From his perspective Orlando believes he plays an important role in ensuring patient satisfaction by making sure the many things that rely on electricity are in optimal working order for the patient and staff that provide care. 

In his leisure time Orlando enjoys gardening. He is eager to say that camping and fishing with his family and friends rank high among other things he enjoys.