Meet Samuel - Employee of the Month

Samuel is employee of the month

At McLaren Macomb we believe in recognizing outstanding employees who consistently exceed expectations to ensure the highest degree of patient satisfaction. The Employee of the Month award is presented to an employee whose exemplary performance, professionalism and leadership contributes to McLaren Macomb's mission and core values.


Environmental Services Floor Technician

Born in Albany New York, Sam moved to Michigan in 1998. Sam has one brother David who resides in Sydney Australia and a sister Gail who resides in New Jersey. 

Currently Samuel is an employee in the Environmental Services Department as a porter. His responsibilities include refuse and medical waste removal, furniture relocation and general floor care. 

When asked what inspires Sam about his job he won't hesitate to say that he comes to work to help people get better. He takes responsibility in keeping the hospital environment clean so that patients are comfortable during their stay. What Sam likes most about his work are the friendly co-workers he works with. They are like his family to him and that's the reason why he is always willing to help them when needed. 

Samuel was hired by the Laundry Department in 2000 after attending a job fair. Always committed to performing his job well Sam was selected for a position in the Environmental Services Department in 2003.

By maintaining a positive attitude Sam believes he can always turn a bad situation around and make it good - for patients in particular. He also believes that it's the little things he can do that shows patients and others he cares and takes pride in his job. Sam has three rules he practices daily and would tell new employees that besides showing up on time every day, they should 1. Remember our patients come first, 2. Be flexible and willing to do things that may not be part of your job requirement and 3. Stay committed to the tasks at hand, making sure they are done completely and on time.

Sam always remembers that our patients and visitors come first. As he does his job Sam also believes that even though he doesn't treat patients he can help them get better and leave sooner by keeping their environment clean and safe.

It's safe to say that Sam has always enjoyed the working in environmental services. He has worked in the housekeeping/grounds field at universities and healthcare settings. 

Sam likes to take his mind off of work by fishing. He likes to stay healthy by taking long bike rides. He does both often when weather permits.