New treatment options for epilepsy

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Dr Ardeshna
Dr. Nikesh Ardeshna
It might be as innocent as an unconscious twitch of the eye or chewing movements of the lips or as complex and serious as reoccurring full body convulsions and loss of consciousness, but epilepsy, the tendency for recurrent, unprovoked seizures, is more prevalent than the average person may think.

This is according to Dr. Nikesh Ardeshna, an experienced epileptologist (a fellowship-trained neurologist specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy), who will direct treatment in the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit (EMU) at McLaren Macomb, the first center of its kind in Macomb County.

"Epilepsy is any disruption of the electrical activity in the brain, but it's the scope and how it manifests that varies in every case," Dr. Ardeshna said. "Every case is unique, so the approach to the diagnosis and treatment of each case should be unique as well."

This is the purpose of the EMU, part of the McLaren Neurosciences Institute. Dr. Ardeshna and the specially trained support staff in the EMU will have the capability to monitor the electrical activity of the brain via continuous electroencephalogram (EEG) to confirm the diagnosis and determine the best treatment options for their patients' epileptic seizures.

Located within McLaren Macomb, the EMU is equipped to monitor patients 24/7 with EEG, video and audio over multiple nights. If needed, the staff can induce seizures in the controlled hospital setting, allowing them to determine the seizures' triggers and location within the brain, providing the information needed to tailor optimal and individualized treatments.

Treatments can include anti-seizure medications, devices or diet.

"The goal will always be the same for every patient," Dr. Ardeshna said. "To have no seizures with no side effects and maintain quality of life. We want to achieve this goal as soon as possible in order to prevent the long-term consequences seen with epilepsy."

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