On-demand webinar: Structural heart disease

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McLaren Macomb cardiologist recently led a live webinar to fully explain the condition.

“The heart beats millions of times throughout our life,” said McLaren Macomb cardiologist Dr. Jay Mohan. “And even though you can take care of your heart, over a period of time, things are going to wear and tear.”

Structural heart disease describes a range of defects within the heart and the conditions that result from those defects. The defects could be ones patients are born with, or they could develop later in life due to aging, injury or infection.

This can result in a diagnosis of heart failure, coronary artery disease, congenital heart disease, cardiomyopathy and other chronic heart conditions.

Dr. Mohan recently led a community webinar for a live, virtual audience in which he thoroughly explained the condition, several contributing risk factors and many of the advanced minimally invasive treatment options to correct the underlying issue.

“Now we can offer options for people who had no options in the past," said Dr. Mohan. "And we have options where instead of going through open heart surgery, you can go through a minimally invasive procedure. As our population starts to live longer, we’re going to encounter more heart disease no matter what we do.”

Structural heart disease on-demand webinar

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