Options for painful carpal tunnel

wrist and hand painThe wrist pain and numbness/tingling sensation characterizing carpal tunnel syndrome undoubtedly can lead many to significantly decreased quality of life.

But Dr. Uzma Rehman wants those with the condition to know that they have options, even some they might not know about.

"They might not realize there are a lot of options out there for them," said Dr. Rehman, a fellowship-trained hand surgeon. "Some might think that it's "˜just a hand' and they can live with the pain and discomfort, but we have a lot we can do."

Opting for surgery only when necessary, Dr. Rehman offers non-invasive treatment options for carpal tunnel, a cortisone injection followed by immobilization in a splint and physical therapy, for example, which have demonstrated high rates of success.

"The earlier we catch it, before there is significant weakness, the more options we'll have for treatment," she said. "After a couple of weeks, patients will start to get normal, pain-free mobility and function back."

Offering non-invasive treatment options for all forms of hand and wrist arthritis and tendonitis, Dr. Rehman also has the capabilities to surgically treat traumatic injuries, correcting severe breaks, fractures and lacerations.

She specifically recalls the case of an elementary school student whose fingertips were crushed and nearly severed when closed in a desk.

"We were able to save and re-attach the tips of the fingers," Dr. Rehman said, "even more, after a year, you couldn't even tell that those fingers were almost amputated."

Additionally, occupational therapists are available for treatment and follow-up care in her office. To learn more or to make an appointment, visit mclaren.org/macomb.