Podcast: The reasons behind joint replacement, and treatment options

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“There are a lot of reasons why we eventually make our way to that surgery discussion.”

Dr. Michael Wagner, an orthopedic surgeon and co-director of the joint replacement program at McLaren Macomb, every day sees patients whose enjoyment of life has been limited because of pain in a joint (or multiple joints).

“Pain is definitely a big driver,” he said, “but it’s also a loss of mobility.”

Dr. Wagner dives deep into what motivates his patients to seek out his help during an interview on the In Good Health Podcast.

He also takes the time to describe the activities his patients can expect to return to once they are pain-free post-surgery, and how the use of technology has made its way into the operating room to help improve outcomes.

Listen to Dr. Wagner and other McLaren physicians from varied specialties on the In Good Health Podcast.