Port Huron Orthopedic Surgeon Discusses Knee Surgery

Port Huron Orthopedic Surgery Discusses Knee Surgery

Hi. I'm Dr. Timothy Lucas at Advanced Orthopedics, in Port Huron, Michigan. I am a shoulder, hip and knee specialist. And I'd like to talk today for a few moments about knee pain and knee problems. Knee pain and knee problems are very common, from young people to old people. Several different things can cause knee pain.

I brought a knee model today to kind of show people what, what is go, what can go wrong in a knee. Looking inside your knee you have surfaces that are nice and smooth and shiny. This blue area here, that's the cartilage. You have two c-shaped structures called meniscus, which are the shock absorbers in the knee. Along with those you have ligaments on the outside; the collateral, ligaments on the inside; the anterior and the posterior cruciate ligament. Damage to any of those structures can cause problems in the knee.

It's very common for people that have knee problems to have swelling. To have pain, to have popping, blocking, and catching. If you have a ligament tear or injury, you can have instability or giving way, or buckling of your knee. So lots of different things, that can go wrong and can cause a variety of different symptoms.

Orthopedic surgery has evolved over the years. Now when people have knee problems, like these type of injuries, most of the time they're repairable arthroscopically. We can make several small poke holes around the knee, and put high-definition cameras inside to do very fine work. To fix tears in the meniscus, to fix tears in the cartilage. And even to reconstruct the ligaments.

The anterior crucial ligament which one is torn does cause quite a bit of instability in the knee. So surgery to reconstruct that now is done non-aesthetically as well. No more big incisions around the knee. That means faster recovery, less pain. Getting you back out on the field, you know, quicker.

Port Huron Orthopedic Surgery Discusses Knee Surgery

So if you or a loved one has a knee problem, has any of those symptoms, I encourage you to come in for a visit at Advanced Orthopedics in Port Huron.  We are located on the McLaren Port Huron Hospital campus just north of the hospital.