Self-care during the holiday season

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The holidays are intended for families and special friends to come together and celebrate.  However, the commercialism of the season has caused many, more stress than pleasure.  The calendar of events and parties have you rushing to and from.  Our healthy diets are no longer a priority and our sleep patterns are often disrupted.  This can be a recipe for burn-out. 

Stress is your body's normal psychological and physical reaction to life's demands. A small amount of stress can be good, motivating you to perform well. But multiple challenges can push you beyond your ability to cope, especially during the holidays. Self-care is vital year-round, but even more so during this stressful season. Give to yourself first to be more emotionally and physically satisfied to give to others.

Self-care can be easy and inexpensive. Doing simple things can significantly boost your personal wellness.  Dr. Javaid Arrine, psychiatrist at McLaren Lapeer Region, "self-care can be as simple as being still, shutting your eyes, and closing out all the other things you're thinking about."

Here are a few more easy and inexpensive ways to boost your personal wellness this holiday season:
Listen to calm music 
Take deep breathes 
Listen to your body
Reach out if lonely

"When symptoms of stress start to feel overwhelming, it may be time to see your physician," says Dr. Arrine.  "He or she can determine if stress to an anxiety disorder, a medical condition, or both and refer you to a mental health professional. If you feel your situation is an emergency, call a crisis hotline, or go to your nearest emergency room."

Keeping a strong sense of self during the holiday season will give you a sense of consistency and security during the emotional ups and downs of the season. Make an effort to take care of you in healthy ways this season.  Enjoy this time, knowing the seasonal stressors will eventually end.