Setting 2022 health goals? Listen to these 8 podcasts

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Personal health has been a traditional focus of goals for the New Year.

Be it getting more active, quitting smoking or just being more proactive with one’s health, personal health improvement is the most popular goal when the calendar flips to January and a fresh year begins.

If improvement and boosting your overall wellbeing is your motivation as 2022 approaches, take your first steps now.

Listen to these 8 podcasts from McLaren Macomb physicians.

Heart disease and alternatives to open heart surgery with Dr. Timothy Logan, interventional cardiologist

Living with epilepsy with Dr. Nikesh Ardeshna, epileptologist

Understanding strokes and risk factors with Dr. Aniel Majjhoo, interventional neurologist

The importance of lung screenings with Dr. Victor Gordon, pulmonologist

Understanding urinary incontinence with Dr. Andrew Agosta, urogynecologist

Risk factors and living with multiple sclerosis with Dr. Alex Steinbock, neurologist

Senior bone health and fractures with Dr. Michael Milshteyn, orthopedic trauma surgeon