Straight From the Source "“ McLaren Bay Region's Health Blog

This blog is different from most primarily because there are no hidden agendas. There is an agenda, to be sure, but at McLaren, it's all about what we can do to help you live healthier lives. We're doing this because we know there are a lot of ways we can reach you "“ should reach you "“ and this is one we haven't explored.

So what will be the content? It could be almost anything health related. Stories about folks like you, who have health challenges and have met them with the help of McLaren pros. Folks who have learned how to change their lives for the better without taking all the fun out of it. Folks with old knees, new babies, or anything in-between. In other words, everything from prenatal classes to raising healthy kids to meeting life's most serious challenges. Even helping folks die with dignity, pain free, and on their own terms. It's all part of the four score (at least, we hope) journey we travel together. So why not make the most of the trip? We can help with at least part of that voyage. It's an important part, and we have professionals to help you sort out the healthy wheat from the confusing chaff that just might be impeding your decision making.

McLaren Bay Region's Health Blog

What's next?  Here's a short list of ideas you might find helpful.

  • Screenings - why they're important "“ including a list of McLaren health screenings
  • Where are we? McLaren locations in the GLBR.
  • Why you should have a family physician, and how to choose one.
  • You've been watching TV all during this cold winter, and now you want to run a 5K? We can help with that.
  • MyMcLaren Chart "“ Very cool. You can access your test results and other info on line anytime, password protected, behind the firewall, etc.
  • McLaren Rx "“ Mange your prescriptions on line.
  • Did you know you can get a physical rehab appointment without a prescription? We'll tell you how.

We'll put these out there a few times a month, AND, we'd definitely like to hear from you. Send us ideas for blogs, stories you'd like us to explore further, questions we didn't fully answer. We really do want to hear from you.

Finally, you can be assured that our opinions are based in the latest science and "best practices" medicine. We'll consult the experts. Immunizations? Cancer care? We'll help sort it out with help from pediatricians and the experts at the Karmanos Cancer Center. Nearly every family has experience with behavioral health issues, but how much do they really talk about it? We will. These and many other bits and pieces to help you put your healthy life together.

In short, this is for your edification, your pleasure, your health.