Thank you, McLaren Macomb

andy and denise

To McLaren Macomb hospital,

On May 16, 2018, my wife was rushed to McLaren Macomb hospital trauma center in Mount Clemens.

She was involved in a random auto collision which, by all rights, she should not have survived. The angels on earth on duty at that time worked feverishly and cohesively to save her life. They did just that.

I will forever remember each and every face in that room. From the very instant my daughter and I ran in that door and encountered Linda the Security officer, we were treated with the dignity and compassion that every human being demands, but are too much in shock to ask for, in that situation.

That day, and the days following, proved to be none the different. It has been eleven days since that nightmare and all the subsequent care she received has allowed her to be transferred to an inpatient acute physical therapy program elsewhere and will make a full recovery. The stories I possess are many, with at least one for every hero that touched our lives.

Thank you to each and every one of you.

I wish I could name everyone. To those I can't, in your hearts you know who you are and please feel proud of the gift you gave to me and my family. My son took more notes than I can remember:

Dr. D'Ambrosia
We WILL be taking you up on that coffee.

Nick "“ ICU
Possessing that calming voice.

Rebekah "“ 3rd floor
Your parents spelled your name that way for a reason

Davina, RN "“ 3rd floor
Such a good heart.

Thomas Z.
Recognized me in the cafeteria. You got me through those first few hours.

Mike "“ ER
Strong and confident and reassuring

Roni "“ ER
A familiar face to my daughter. She needed you there.

Stacie, RN "“ room 329
Another good heart in room 329 giving us hope and reassurance

Dr. Yester "“ Emergency
You gave us reassurance every day. Tall in strength

Andrew "“ Neurology
Must be something in the name

Clarence, RN "“ room 468
Gentle giant of a man.

So caring and always there to help

Linda - Security Officer
Protecting me from seeing too much too soon. Remembered my daughter and me several days later.

From the first responders to the ER personnel to ICU to the Clinical Social Workers to ALL medical disciplines involved and all the subsequent angels who touched our lives those days, my family and I wish to say a heartfelt THANK YOU! You truly are angels.

The family of Denise Bell
Andy, Andrew, Alicia, Alana and four grateful grandchildren