The 3D Mammogram Difference

Unlike traditional mammography that only takes a single image of breast tissue, the advanced technology of 3D mammography provides multiple images of breast tissue and recreates a three-dimensional picture of the entire breast. This allows the detection of breast cancer at earlier, more treatable stages. 

Who should get a 3D mammogram?
Women 45 or older who need their annual mammogram will benefit from the advanced capabilities of 3D mammography. Since this technology provides unparalleled clarity, women can avoid the anxiety of being called back for follow-up mammograms.

Are 3D mammograms more painful?
No. In fact, most women find them to be less uncomfortable than traditional mammograms. 

How long do 3D mammograms take?
“Each breast is only compressed for about 30 seconds,” said Dr. Marites Cumba, General Surgeon at McLaren Lapeer Region. “The entire appointment takes about half an hour.” 

Why should I get a mammogram?
Mammograms save lives. Most breast cancer patients are diagnosed at 50 years old or older. “Early detection is key,” said Dr. Cumba. “Getting an annual mammogram is crucial to being proactive about your health.” 

How can I learn more?
To schedule your mammogram, call 810-667-5990. 
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