The power of a thank-you: Support local health care workers

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Post a photo to show your local health care workers you appreciate their effort

When the pandemic's initial spike first invaded the lives of everyone by shutting down businesses and filling up hospitals, the community quickly responded.

In an effort to aid their local health care heroes, citizens responded by donating homemade masks, meals and signs of appreciation for their dedication in the face of an overwhelming pandemic.

With the initial peak months removed, this current surge falls in line with the holiday season. And again, frontline health care workers have been making the decision to keep their loved ones safe by distancing themselves and avoiding gatherings.

Doctors, nurses, diagnostic and lab technicians, environmental, food service and transport teams and countless others, set aside their emotions as a means of moving through the increasing responsibilities of caring for ill patients.

Here’s your chance to care for them

Show your support through the power of a thank-you. Let health care workers know you appreciate them and that their efforts are making an impact.

Post a photo showing your gratitude on the McLaren Macomb Facebook page so it can be shared with the many men and women who, for the past nine months, have been putting themselves between their patients and COVID-19.