What to know when planning a healthy pregnancy

fertility chart

When planning a pregnancy, the first step the mother-to-be takes is to consider her overall health to ensure a successful pregnancy.

But what, exactly, should the mother consider? What questions should she take with her to ask her physician when planning a pregnancy?

Linda Karadsheh, D.O., F.A.C.O.O.G., a McLaren Macomb OB/GYN, offers her suggestions on what mothers-to-be should know when considering their overall health with their physician when trying to conceive.

  • "Generally, we like to go over their current health and weight. We discuss their current diet and how that affects conception as well as pregnancy."

  • "We review any current medications and whether those will be ok to continue. We also discuss starting a pre-natal vitamin, pre-conception, and why folic acid is so important."

  • "We would discuss how cycles work and what days are likely for ovulation and how one would know if they are ovulating and what over-the-counter tests are good to help with that."

  • "I would encourage continuing an exercise routine. People are often afraid of exercising during pregnancy, so I would do my best to explain the importance and benefits of staying fit."

  • "We discuss appropriate weight gain and ways to avoid excessive weight gain during the pregnancy."

  • "There are particular vaccines that are very important during the pregnancy and are recommended for the health of the mother and baby."

  • "We would discuss the appropriate caffeine intake."

  • "Patients often ask questions about over-the-counter medications and supplements that are appropriate during pregnancy."

When meeting your physician to discuss planning your pregnancy, consider these questions to ensure you have a healthy and happy pregnancy.