Who is a candidate for bariatric surgery?

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While it’s the study and treatment of obesity, bariatrics is not simply for patients who are “extremely overweight.”

When considering height and gender, patients can be 100 pounds overweight–not considered “extreme”–with a body mass index of 35 to 39 and present with a range of weight-related conditions and be considered a candidate for a bariatric procedure. (Patients can also present with a BMI of 40 or more and qualify.)

These conditions can include high blood pressure, diabetes, obstructive sleep apnea and certain heart diseases, among other issues related to a patient’s weight–weight that is not necessarily excessive enough to consider the patient “morbidly obese.”

Offering a number of surgical weight loss options–all minimally invasive–the Bariatric Surgery Institute at McLaren Macomb can relieve patients of these quality-of-life-limiting conditions in addition to significant weight loss.

In many cases, patients’ medications to control their weight-related conditions are no longer needed once the procedure is complete.

To learn more about the Bariatric Surgery Institute at McLaren Macomb and how it can improve your quality of life, visit mclaren.org/macombbariatrics to attend a free seminar.