Wound Care Center gets patient back to everyday life

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Dr. Kevin Florek

They saved my leg!" Those words, from Iolene "Teresa" Smith, meant that walking through a garden, playing with grandkids and dancing at a family wedding could still be possibilities for her. 

Teresa's skin is fragile due to complications from diabetes. This chronic disease can affect the body's ability to heal wounds, like it did for her. For people with diabetes, a small wound can develop into a much greater problem if left untreated. 

Teresa may be more aware than most people about the complications diabetes can cause. 

"I have a family history of diabetes and my dad lost both his legs," she said. Teresa had a small wound on her foot that would not heal. "I couldn't understand how such a small cut could cause so much pain." 

Teresa asked her daughter to take the bandage off the wound, which revealed a much greater problem. The wound was the size of a half dollar and looked infected. Teresa went to her primary care physician, who referred her to McLaren Lapeer Region Wound Care and Hyperbaric Center. 

The center is staffed by experts who are specially trained in treating chronic, non-healing wounds with advanced wound care techniques. It includes an interdisciplinary staff of physicians with specialties in wound care, infectious disease and podiatry. These techniques include hyperbaric oxygen therapy, specialty dressings and other treatments used to induce healing. 

"From day one, the doctor, nurses and technicians listened to me," Teresa said. "And at each visit, they explained my treatment and helped to control my pain." 

Teresa's not only grateful about her care at the wound center, she was happy to find help close to home. "It's amazing that this level of care is right here in our backyard," she said. 

Wounds that do not heal in a month are considered chronic. Chronic wounds that may require medical treatment include: 
-Diabetic foot ulcers associated with decreased circulation and nerve damage 
-Wounds that are accompanied by edema or swelling 
-Traumatic injuries 
-Non-healing surgical incisions 
-Painful skin infections accompanied by drainage, odor or changes in color that are present longer than one month 

If you have one of the above conditions, call (810) 667-5575 to make an appointment with Dr. Kevin Florek, wound care specialist, at McLaren Lapeer Region.