Young patient returns to thank his docs

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Months after a devastating car accident, a young patient sought out the trauma docs who treated him in the immediate aftermath of the crash

Last December, EMTs transported Logan from the scene of a fatal car accident to the nearest trauma center: McLaren Macomb.

Notified by the trauma call, waiting for the 8-year-old to arrive were orthopedic trauma surgeon Dr. Christopher Vitale and trauma surgeon Dr. Gregory Gaborek.

Logan suffered serious, noticeable injuries in the accident. He arrived with a head injury, significant blood loss and two broken femurs.

“Serious injuries like these to a pediatric patient, our goal is to thoroughly stabilize them as efficiently as possible,” Dr. Gaborek said, “so they’re able to be safely transported to a children’s facility for specialized pediatric care.”

For Logan, this meant blood transfusions and intubation to protect his airway and replace his blood loss. Dr. Vitale would also have to stabilize Logan’s broken femurs.

“Splinting his legs, we’re able to re-align his femurs securely,” Dr. Vitale said. “Splinting stabilizes him for transport, but more importantly it reduces bleeding and protects against potential complications associated with that blood loss, which could be life threatening.”

Dr. Vitale and Dr. Gaborek were able to stabilize Logan’s extensive traumatic injuries, leading the way for a successful transport and pediatric-specific treatment at a children’s facility.

Now healthy and back at home, Logan didn’t forget the swift action by the staff at McLaren Macomb in the immediate aftermath of the accident.

“The care they gave him here saved his life,” said Logan’s grandmother Kathleen.

He’s come back to say his thank-yous.

Logan with his get-well gifts from Dr. Vitale.


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