MMG Provider Booking

Convenient Online Appointment Booking

Remember the last time you needed a physician fast? Maybe it was a minor injury, or an illness you just couldn't kick. Did you end up in an impersonal urgent care center? Or maybe you're looking for a new physician with flexible appointments. But when you remember to call it's after hours and you get the answering service.

Next time, schedule your appointment online with a McLaren Medical Group provider. This is not an email form you fill out and wait for someone to contact you. It's a real appointment that you choose to meet your schedule, with same-day appointments available in many cases.

McLaren Medical Group physicians serve on the McLaren medical staff, which means they are connected to the hospital's technology, including patient medical records after emergency visits, advanced diagnostic imaging and a statewide network of specialists.

You don't have to wait for office hours to schedule your physician appointment. Make your appointment online, and get your care in your community.

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