McLaren Health Care
Brachytherapy Treatment

also known as Prostate Seed Implant

Brachytherapy is often used to treat prostate cancer and breast cancer. With this form of treatment, cancer specialists place radioactive pellets or "seeds" at the site of the tumor. These seeds can be temporary when used at high doses, or permanent when used at low doses.

In both types of brachytherapy, the radiation is directed to the cancer at the tumor site, enhancing cancer control while minimizing exposure to nearby healthy tissue and vital organs.

Prostate "seed" implants can be permanent, delivering a dose of radiation during a period up to one year.

MammoSite® and Contura Targeted Radiation Therapy are forms of brachytherapy used to treat breast cancer. It enables eligible women to be treated for five days instead of five to seven weeks, enhancing access to treatment for busy patients or those who live far from a cancer center.