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BrainLab Navigation System for Spinal Surgery

BrainLab Navigation System for Spinal Surgery

Orthopedic surgeons at McLaren are now performing highly advanced spinal procedures using Curve™ by Brainlab, the ultimate command and control center for information-guided surgery.

With the help of Curve, doctors can operate less invasively and with greater precision, helping you recover faster and return to your everyday activities and work sooner.

Curve™ Image Guided Surgery

Curve™ Image Guided Surgery displays 3D images of the patient’s anatomy in an intraoperative position. Curve utilizes a state-of-the-art computer and two infrared cameras that track the patient’s exact position on the operating table relative to the surgeon’s instruments.

BrainLab Navigation System for Spinal Surgery

What is Image Guided Surgery?

Also known as ‘3D navigated surgery,’ Curve Image Guided Surgery helps your spine surgeon visualize and track their surgical instruments as they compare to the 3D image acquired before during surgery. These images are displayed on large HD touch screen monitors so your surgeon can view your anatomy from virtually any angle. The Brainlab navigation technology allows your surgeon to use intra-operative 3D imaging to view the critical structures in your spine, making surgery precise, minimally invasive and safe.


Precision: Your neurosurgeon can effectively plan a minimally invasive procedure and operate with great precision and confidence.

Safety: Curve helps your surgeon identify the entry point and entry angle, guiding with 3D images through a portion of, or entire, surgery, depending upon your condition and the surgical treatment. Curve helps reduce the risk of damage to delicate structures in the brain, preserving function and healthy tissue.

Outcomes: Ultimately, use of Curve Image Guided Surgery may help lower re-operation and complication rates while at the same time allowing us to provide our patients state-of-the-art technology and the best care we can offer.

Collaboration: Your neurosurgeon uses Curve to plan your whole surgery and to share your treatment plan with other doctors on your care team.

BrainLab Navigation System for Spinal Surgery

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