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Bronchoscopy Procedure

A bronchoscopy is a diagnostic procedure performed by a pulmonologist to determine if there are any lung abnormalities present. The physician will be using a lighted flexible instrument to look at all areas of the lungs and will obtain specimens and biopsies for laboratory analysis to help diagnose any lung condition that may be present. This test takes approximately 5 hours. Please bring a driver to take you home after the procedure.

Before the Procedure

You are asked not to eat or drink anything after midnight the night before the bronchoscopy, or as otherwise instructed. If you are having the procedure as an outpatient, please register at the Outpatient Registration on the first floor of the main hospital (Greenlawn) at the time designated.

After registration, you will go to the Special Studies holding area on the third floor. A nurse will ask you to sign a form giving your consent for the procedure and any other steps found necessary during the bronchoscopy. Before your procedure, an IV may be started so that medication can be easily given during the bronchoscopy. You will be escorted to the bronchoscopy room one half hour prior to the procedure's start time. Members of your family will be asked to wait in a designated waiting area.

After the Procedure

Afterwards, the respiratory therapist will take you back to your room or to the Outpatient Recovery Area on the 3rd floor. Sometimes a chest x-ray is ordered after the bronchoscopy. You will be monitored until the anesthesia has worn off, which usually takes about two hours. You cannot eat or drink during this time. Your throat may hurt slightly after the procedure and it is not uncommon for a patient to cough up some blood. Increased shortness of breath or large amounts of fresh blood coughed up should be reported to your nurse. The results of the bronchoscopy will be shared with you by your doctor.

Interventional Bronchoscopy

McLaren Greater Lansing, in conjunction with pulmonary physicians, now offers the newest techniques with bronchoscopy. The procedures are referred to as Cryotherapy, Argon Therapy and Electrocautery Therapy.

These specialized procedures are indicated for specific airway conditions. Your physician may discuss these options with you.


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