What is Implantable Cardiac Contractility Modulation Therapy?

Implantable Cardiac Contractility Modulation Therapy (ICCM) - is available for the treatment of congestive heart failure patients.

A procedure is performed which involves a device similar in size to a pacemaker being implanted under the skin of the upper chest, along with electrical leads that are placed in the heart’s right ventricle through the veins (transcatheter). Unlike a pacemaker, the device does not cause a contraction but is designed to cause subsequent beats of the heart to be stronger or more forceful. This can result in more oxygen rich blood to be delivered to the body with each beat. The device sends electrical pulses to the heart muscle that is implanted during a minmially invasive procedure.

About the procedure: Typical surgical implantation of an ICCM system is done with light sedation.