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Single-Site Cholecystectomy Surgery

Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy

Gallstones are common and usually harmless. When they start to obstruct the flow of bile or cause irritation or inflammation, the gallbladder is usually removed. For most people, laparoscopic surgery can be done on a same day basis and recovery is quick.

What to Expect from Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy

  • Scars that are barely visible.
  • Little pain after the operation.
  • Little time in the hospital.
  • Fast return to work and routine activities.

The Operation

  • The surgeon makes a small incision through the belly button to insert the laparoscope. The liver and gallbladder can then be viewed on the TV monitor.
  • A number of tiny incisions called “ports” are then made through the skin for the surgical instruments that can be guided while viewing the TV monitor. The surgeon then can carefully cut the gallbladder loose and remove it.

What Happens in the First Hours After Surgery

  • From the operating room you will be taken to the recovery room where nurses will watch over you carefully.
  • You may feel some pain around your incision. Your nurses can give you pain medication
  • You will begin your exercises as directed in the pamphlet named “Simple Exercises after Your Surgery”.
  • You will be returning to the outpatient area where you will begin increasing your activities and progressing your diet as you are able.

Recovering After Surgery

  • You may feel groggy from the anesthetic for several hours following the surgery.
  • You will have pain medicine from your doctor.
  • It is usually safe to return to work when you feel able. Most patients go back to work or resume normal activities within one week.
  • You will be able to enjoy a normal diet very soon after the operation. But you should eat light, low-fat meals for awhile to allow your digestive system to adjust

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