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A cystogram is an x-ray study of the urinary bladder. The study places a catheter into the bladder, and is used to place an x-ray dye into the bladder. The dye allows the bladder to be viewed under x-ray fluoroscope. The radiologist will interpret the report and send the results to your doctor. Your doctor will discuss the results with you. If you are a woman of childbearing age and think you may be pregnant, please tell your doctor or the technologist prior to the test.

  • No special preparation or restrictions for this exam.
  • The technologist will take a preliminary x-ray of the abdomen.
  • A nurse in the radiology department places a catheter into the bladder.
  • The radiologist supervises the flow of x-ray dye into the bladder under the x-ray fluoroscope.
  • Once the bladder is full, x-rays are taken. You may be asked to move from side to side so all parts of the bladder may be seen.
  • Catheter is removed. You may be asked to urinate on the table in a basin or urinal so the radiologist to see all the structures. If you are unable to urinate in a basin or urinal in the procedure room, you will empty your bladder in the bathroom.
  • An x-ray is taken once the bladder is empty and the exam is done. Once the x-rays have been reviewed by the radiologist, you may leave.