If You Are Injured While On Duty

1. Report the injury immediately to your Manager/Supervisor or Employee Health Services
2. Employee Health Services will authorize medical examination/treatment. If they are not available, your Manager/Supervisor or Human Resources will authorize medical examination/treatment.
3. Document the injury by completing the appropriate information on the computerized injury report found on the computer screen named “McLaren Safety First” as soon as possible or by the end of your shift.
4. Initial medical treatment (unless refused) will be provided if appropriate, by the Employee Health nurse, RediMed (West Side Medical Mall) or the Emergency Department in that order.
5. If you receive treatment, you must notify your Manager/Supervisor and EOHS of work status and work restrictions.

Contact Employee Health Services at (989)894-3159 or (989)894-3158 if you have any questions regarding your work