Ergonomics and Return To Work Analysis

Work-related injuries pose a tremendous cost to our communities, for both the employers and the employees. Cumulative Trauma or Musculoskeletal Diseases (MSDs) can impair your ability to perform your job effectively, and can lead to aches and pains, and loss of quality of life both at work and at home.

Our comprehensive ergonomics and injury prevention program recognizes the importance of preventing injuries and MSDs through education and training, identification of job tasks that are likely to cause these injuries, and provision of recommendations to reduce or eliminate risks to the employees.

In addition to our Prevention program, our staff are experienced in treating musculo-skeletal injuries when they occur. Once the acute phase is resolved, patients can transition to our work conditioning program, where they can progressively work up to their maximum potential, with simulation of their specific work tasks.

We offer a fully equipped work conditioning area. Services include functional capacity evaluations, job site analysis, work conditioning and treatment of injuries.

work station ergonomics

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