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If our class is full or you are unable to register online please call childbirth education.

Breastfeeding Class: Virtual
Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Virtual - Offered by McLaren Bay Region Family Birthplace
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For questions email or call 989-894-3020
This class is offered by McLaren Bay Region FREE of charge
This class is offered by McLaren Bay Region FREE of charge.

This class is for expectant mothers (and their support person) who wish to have more information on breastfeeding. We will address your questions and concerns and provide information on:
  • Benefits
  • Getting off to the best start
  • Proper positioning / latching on
  • Troubleshooting tips
  • Feeding patterns in infants
  • Pumping & storing breast milk
  • Transitioning "Back to Work"

Registration Instructions:
- Register ONLINE by clicking the link below the map
- Fee includes MOM and one support person
- Register MOM only - you will be asked to list the name of the support person

Class date subject to change.