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Your OBGYN will assist you with some of the most important health concerns of your life, including birth control, childbirth or menopause concerns.

These are often very personal issues, so It's important to find a gynecologist you trust - someone with whom you feel comfortable. Women often find the right physician by getting a referral from a friend or from their primary care physician.

Often, your primary care physician can perform some of the important screening procedures, but will offer good referral information if a specialist is needed.

At McLaren our board-certified gynecologists and family medicine physicians are your personal advocates, ready with the medical support you need to take control of your own health. Comprehensive services include:
  • Preventive care, like pelvic exams, mammography and bone density tests
  • Proactive care, like immunizations, weight management and contraception counseling
  • Reparative care, for problems like urinary incontinence, fibroids and heavy periods
  • Restorative care for menopausal symptoms, like insomnia, decreased sex drive and hot flashes

Essential screenings for women:

  • A recommended annual physical for women will include screening tests for a variety of often-preventable illnesses. Getting checked early can help you find diseases such as cancer or diabetes in the beginning stages when they are easier to treat.

In general, women should get the following regular screenings:

  • Pap Smear to help detect and prevent cervical cancer
  • HPV screening to detect any possibility of the human papillomavirus (younger women should also consider the HPV vaccine)
  • Breast exam, as part of a regular check-up every one to three years, more often if the patient has a higher risk for breast cancer
  • Osteoporosis screening, a special type of X-ray to see if bones are weak or fragile, which is especially important after menopause
  • Mammograms to detect any lumps or abnormalities in the breasts
  • Screening for skin cancers
  • Blood Pressure check (your risk of high blood pressure increases as you get older)
  • A fasting blood test to check cholesterol levels
  • Blood tests and oral tests to check for diabetes
  • HIV screening, blood tests to check for Human Immunodeficiency Virus (especially important for pregnant women who can pass the infection to their infants during child birth)
  • A colonoscopy to detect for colon cancer (screening usually starts at age 50)
  • Glaucoma test provided by your eye specialist


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Childbirth Education - Comfort and Relaxation

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Breastfeeding 101

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Infant Care Class - Northern Michigan

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Boot Camp for New Dads

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