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Hybrid Operating Room

Hybrid Operating Room
Offered at McLaren Bay Region

McLaren Bay Region is the area's leader in open heart surgery. Our Hybrid Operating Room opens the door to the future for less-invasive, less-traumatic procedures for increasingly complex vascular treatment that you may need. McLaren Bay Region is the only hospital in the Great Lakes Bay Region to offer this equipment.

Fourteen percent of adults in our area having some degree of heart and vascular disease, the need for this type of imaging capability to support the ever-more complex procedures available to manage these patients.

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The Hybrid Operating Room at McLaren Bay Region offers significant advantages to patients, with one of the primary benefits being reduced risk. The combined setting, which offers exceptional imaging capabilities during surgical procedures, reduces delays and infection risk associated with having to move patients to different areas of the hospital.

Multiple images of the patient are displayed on a 56-inch monitor along with other important information including blood pressure rate, heart rate, and oxygen level. Better imaging means that more procedures can be done on a less-invasive basis with less requirement for general anesthesia for most patients.

Specialists Using the Hybrid OR

Vascular surgeons, cardiothoracic surgeons, interventional cardiologists, neurosurgeons, and neurointerventionalists can take advantage of the new technology.

Trained Staff

The staff of the Hybrid OR is specially trained to get the most out of the technology. The two vascular surgeons are trained specifically in how to use it, as are the radiologists and nurses.

The members of the team, with background experiences in the cath lab, OR, and radiology technology, bring different skill sets, and have learned new skills. Developing good working relationships based on sharing knowledge makes the Hybrid valuable.

Patient Stories


McLaren Health Care

I enjoyed meeting with April Miller, NP. I found her to be very friendly and personable. Also, her staff is very efficient and friendly.

Patient - Dr. Lily Sabouri

McLaren Health Care

This was my first visit to this physician. She is so caring and friendly. I have never had a more caring doctor since I left Florida a year ago.

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