McLaren Clarkston
McLaren Clarkston Fitness Center

Fitness Center and Services
Offered at McLaren Clarkston

Your healthcare partners at McLaren Clarkston Physical Therapy are committed to supporting your healthy lifestyle.  Exercise is an integral part of any healthy lifestyle.  Exercise has been shown to lower blood pressure and body weight, lower cholesterol and blood sugar, and support a healthy heart.   

McLaren Clarkston’s Fitness Center is a spacious, state of the art facility that offers CYBEX exercise stations, treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, ARC trainers, NuSteps, a variety of free weights, and other exercise equipment to persons focused on maintaining health and wellness.  We offer a relaxed, friendly, nonjudgmental atmosphere where you can pursue your fitness goals.   

Advantages to join the McLaren Fitness Center once the free month is completed: 

  • Low monthly fees  
  • No Lengthy contract to sign: pay by the day, month or year 
  • Family members living in the same household can join at a reduced cost 
  • Discounted fees offered to members of the Independence Township Senior Community Center 

McLaren Wellness Services

Everybody wants to be fit, feel healthy, and remain active. The McLaren Wellness Center offers a variety of programs and classes to fit your lifestyle and needs. Along with fitness packages, we also offer specialized wellness classes that focus on creating positive lifestyle changes and taking a preventive approach to health care.

Fitness Memberships

Month to month and yearly memberships are available for a low membership fee. Equipment consists of cardio-machines, strength machines, and free weights. Exercise has proven to lower blood pressure, lower body weight, improve cholesterol, lower blood sugar, and maintain a healthy heart.

Call (248) 922-6820 for more information.