McLaren Homecare Group: A Comprehensive Continuum of Stroke Care

The McLaren Homecare Group Stroke Care program provides stroke rehabilitation therapy for patients in their homes. Designed to help stroke patients get better by improving their overall function through therapy, the goal of the program is to ensure a high quality of life for each individual stroke survivor.

McLaren Homecare Group’s Stroke Care program benefits patients who suffer from lack of balance, muscle weakness, one-sided weakness, shoulder pain, walking difficulties, or difficulty with bathing, dressing or other household tasks.

A specific plan of care is tailored to each patient and includes walking and mobility training, balance activities, resistance exercises, progressive strengthening, and caregiver education. Our highly trained physical therapists and occupational therapists provide advanced techniques specific to the stroke recovery such as postural control, endurance exercises, gait training and advanced balance techniques.

McLaren Homecare Group also offers skilled speech-language pathology services in each of our branch offices. Services include assessment and evaluation of a patient’s communication, cognitive and swallow function as it affects their ability to complete their activities of daily living. An individualized plan of care and home exercise program will be developed in conjunction with the patient and his or her family, to target goals to assist the patient’s return to their prior level of function. Therapy activities may include oral motor exercises to improve the range of motion, strength, and coordination of the muscle structures which affect speech and swallowing. Cognitive exercises may address memory impairments, word finding skills, attention to tasks, and social interactions.

To learn more about the home care services with McLaren Health Management Group, or to make a referral, call (866) 323-5974 or visit their website.