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McLaren Health Care employs primary care physicians and specialists at convenient locations with varying hours and same-day appointments where available to ensure your healthcare is covered for all stages of life.


With hundreds of physicians in our network, there is a McLaren Medical Group provider near you. Our members work together across the system to seamlessly coordinate your care, connecting you to exceptional specialty care through your neighborhood primary care partner. Find a McLaren Medical Group provider near you in the search area below. We offer options to make taking care of your health fit your lifestyle. In person and telehealth visits are now available. We also offer online booking with over 150 of our primary care providers and ob/gyn physicians allowing you to schedule a visit anytime. We are your health care partners, helping you be your best.

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What our patients are saying

Robert Allum, DO

McLaren Northern Michigan - RHC Family Medicine

May 16, 2023 - “I have never had a bad experience in all of my years under Dr. Allum's care! He is through and gives clear and concise explanations! I have all of the faith in the world of Dr. Allum's opinions and recommendations!!”

Michelle MacDonald, DNP

McLaren Northern Michigan - RHC Rogers City

July 10, 2023 - "Michelle MacDonald is the best! She is the best model for showing what a great ‘bedside manner’ looks like.”

Tanya Drinkall, NP

McLaren Northern Michigan RHC MedCenter Petoskey South

June 9, 2023 - "The best professional care I have ever had is from Tanya Drinkall, NP. Very professional, extremely knowledgeable, and very caring.”

Carrie Bollmann, FNP

McLaren Northern MedCenter - RHC MedCenter Boyne

“(Carrie) Bollmann made me feel very comfortable and at ease and ask a lot of questions for me to answer and that she cared about why I was there. She was very thorough and very upfront with any side effects and the medication I would be on and any test she would like to run very good bedside manner.”

Heather Fryers, FNP-BC

McLaren Caro Region Family Medicine

April 27, 2023 - "I would definitely recommend my care provider to other people. She listened to my concerns, was clear and helpful in her explanations, she kept my feelings in mind, and is open and willing to work with me in getting my health better.”