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Obtaining Your Medical Records

A complete inpatient, outpatient surgery or emergency record of each patient's care, treatment and progress is kept in the Medical Records Department. You have the right to expect that medical information regarding your care will be treated as confidential, and

McLaren Thumb Region has the obligation to safeguard your records against unauthorized disclosure.


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Release of your medical records

Medical records may only be requested by the person they belong to or their legal representative according to HIPAA Federal laws.

Requesting Records

Please bring the following items with you when you make your request:

  • A completed and signed Authorization for Release of Information form available on this page. The form must be filled out completely and signed by the patient or the patient’s legal representative. The signature of the patient’s representative must be witnessed by someone over the age of 18. This can also be completed in the Medical Record Department.
  • Copy of driver's license or valid photo ID
  • Legal representative must bring legal documents attesting to their authority. If a patient is sending someone to pick up their records on their behalf, they must provide the person’s name on the Authorization of Release of Information form. The designated Individual will need to bring their photo ID with them.

Medical Records

McLaren Thumb Region


Medical Records Department
1100 S Van Dyke Rd
Bad Axe, MI 48413

(989) 269-1512

Fax:  (989) 715-4401

Monday - Friday: 7:00am - 3:30pm
Medical Records is closed on weekends and holidays.

Release Health Information Form

Online Patient Portal

Our Patient Portal is a secure online portal where patients can access their medical information and become a partner with us in managing their health.

Online Patient Portal for Medical Records