A Message to All McLaren Employees

To All McLaren Employees

The images that emerged last week from Minneapolis of the death of Mr. George Floyd and the resulting civil unrest across our nation are having a traumatic impact on our communities, our families and friends. Mr. Floyd’s death is a tragic reminder that there remains much work to do and more conversations to be had in order to address the continued inequities that exist in our society today.

As an organization, we must commit to increased understanding of diversity and inclusion, allowing us to earn the trust of our patients, physicians and team members more fully. While we cannot change the history of the past week, we will continue our journey to purposefully and positively impact the future of this organization as it relates to diversity and inclusion. To our African American team members, please know that the entire McLaren Health Care family stands with you. We know that each day you come to work and commit to caring for our patients, although many of you are privately struggling with the events that unfolded in Minneapolis. We are here for you and we will support you.

To all McLaren team members, I say this is not only an issue for African Americans, this is an issue for all Americans. Now, perhaps more than ever, is a time for greater understanding. It is a time for reaching out to those in need, regardless of race or ethnicity. We are a team, and when any member of our team is impacted, we all feel it.

On behalf of all leaders across McLaren Health Care, I am proud to serve with each of you. You have the support of more than 26,000 team members who share your commitment to equality and a healthier community. Thank you for your continued dedication.

Philip A. Incarnati