Cancer support groups and services at Karmanos and McLaren, when you need it

Going through the reality of a cancer diagnosis and treatment can be overwhelming. Having family and friends to help provide hope and support is vital when navigating what many see as the most challenging part of their life. Finding new avenues to help you express what you are going through can be one of the best things you can do for yourself.

As a cancer patient, caring for your mind, body, spirit, and basic needs is very important. This can be challenging to prioritize, but Karmanos Cancer Institute and McLaren Health Care make this task easy by offering free support groups, educational programs and therapy services for cancer patients, survivors, family members and caregivers.

Counseling Services

Our counseling services meet the emotional and physical needs of our patients. Karmanos and McLaren offer psychological counseling to help patients and their families reduce stress and focus on their mental health during and after cancer treatment. We also provide genetic counseling for patients and their family members to understand their cancer risk and make lifestyle changes. Nutritional counseling is also a free service to our patients as they find the proper diet to keep them healthy as they complete their cancer treatment plan.

Support Groups

For some cancer patients, connecting with other survivors who understand what they may be feeling or who have gone through similar side effects is helpful. Throughout the Karmanos Cancer Network, each cancer center offers a variety of support groups to help patients express their feelings, feel less isolated, and learn and grow with others.

Spiritual Care

Karmanos and McLaren’s spiritual care services can help you and your family connect to your faith during your cancer journey. Patients can receive supportive visits from our chaplains and volunteers from various religious denominations. Our spiritual care personnel are available when our patients have good news, are struggling with the most recent information about their health, or would like to talk about something outside of their cancer experience. They can also provide information on religious resources offered in the community.

Integrative Therapies and Services

There are many creative ways to address your mind, body and soul. Throughout the Karmanos Cancer Network, patients participate in integrative therapy such as art therapy, massage therapy, yoga, music therapy, reiki, and more. These therapies assist in decreasing stress and anxiety while improving one’s sense of well-being. Some are offered in group settings, while others are available one-on-one with a therapist.

No matter the support you need, any of our staff members can help you get the information you seek. Speak to your oncologist, nurse or patient navigator about the resources, support groups or specialists you need to help you navigate your journey. If you are unsure what support services are best for you, our team members can recommend services that may interest you.

Learn more about support services that may be offered in your area here. Visit our support services events page to register for upcoming integrative therapy sessions and support groups throughout Karmanos and McLaren.