Extra Special COVID-19 Patient Continues Inspirational Recovery

Since mid-August, Terrell Harris has been a patient at the McLaren Therapy Services and Neurologic Rehabilitation Institute in Flint, receiving outpatient speech, physical and occupational therapy. He was able to celebrate going from a walker to a cane the week of October 5. During his therapy appointments he spends an hour with each discipline working on a variety of things including building his strength, working on concentrating and focusing, and coordination and reaction time.

After spending more than 100 days at McLaren Flint battling COVID-19, Terrell received an extra special send-off from staff back on July 9. During his hospital stay Terrell spent time on four different units and became a beacon of light for so many caregivers. Those caregivers, and so many fans he has gained along the way will be happy to hear his incredible health journey continues to progress.

Among his goals are to drive again and be ready for his online courses through Oakland University beginning in January 2021. He remains focused on earning a degree in applied psychology. Terrell was a busy young man before COVID going to college, working 12 hour shifts and participating in multiple campus organizations. He continues to stay focused and positive to get back to a full, active life.

"I feel good and can even do the 16 stairs at my mom's house," said Terrell. "I'm doing well, and therapy is going great."

Highlights of his recovery include spending time with his two godsons who were both born while he was hospitalized. He also enjoys watching his favorite TV shows like "Greys Anatomy" and "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit." Another highlight is the love and support of his mother Tanea, who has been his biggest cheerleader and continues to be there for him every step of the way.

Terrell celebrated his 27th birthday on November 1 and it is certainly one he will forever cherish, in a year that he will never forget, along with those whose hearts he continues to fill with hope.