Fellowship-Trained Medical Oncologist Joins Karmanos Cancer Institute at McLaren Flint Team

Author: Matt Bueby

The Karmanos Cancer Institute at McLaren Flint offers a full range of oncology services in Genesee County, with an expert team of medical oncologists leading the way in advanced cancer care and treatment.

Typically trained in the field of internal medicine and subspecializing in the treatment of cancer, medical oncologists focus on the many aspects of cancer care, including choosing which drug therapy is most appropriate for a person’s cancer, managing the patient’s care and the possible side effects from treatment.

Recently joining this expert team in Flint, which includes medical oncologists David Eilender, MD, and Sandeep Grewal, MD, is Orimisan Samuel Adekolujo, MD, who completed his Hematology and Oncology fellowship at Michigan State University this past year. Prior to beginning his fellowship in 2019, Dr. Adekolujo spent six years as a faculty member at McLaren Flint’s Internal Medicine Residency Program.

“Joining the oncology team in Flint is like returning home for me,” said Dr. Adekolujo. “I worked for many years at McLaren Flint before going for my fellowship, and I am very happy to be a part of a team, which over the years has delivered top-notch cancer care to the residents of Genesee County and beyond.”

Forging a path in medical oncology is a step that Dr. Adekolujo has looked forward to for many years. With so many advances in technology, care and therapies, the opportunity to now work with a wide array of cancer treatments at his disposal is something he is truly excited about.

“There were many reasons for my choice to pursue specialty training in Hematology & Oncology,” said Dr. Adekolujo in reflecting on his career path. “The recent advances in oncology care, including the advent of immunotherapy, and targeted therapies which have increased treatment options for cancer patients and improved outcomes, was a very important factor in my decision. Unlike previously, we can help many more patients, even some with stage 4 cancers, to live a longer and quality life.”

Each of the three board-certified medical oncologists have had success in treating patients with a wide range of cancers. Combined, this team specializes in hematologic oncology (including heme malignancies such as Leukemia and Lymphoma, as well as benign hematology) and solid oncology, including gastrointestinal malignancies, sarcoma, lung cancer, breast cancer, and more.

Although this field has become more complex with the development of many new therapies, this is where Karmanos oncologists excel- the team of oncologists sees many patients with the same kinds of cancer every day. Because Karmanos oncologists see so many patients with specific cancers, which range from common to rare, their doctors are in a unique position to provide patients with the most appropriate options. They may include traditional cytotoxic therapies — either medications administered intravenously or with oral tablets.

“Every cancer is different, and this is especially true with the available capabilities that allow us to know the genetic abnormalities responsible for different cancers,” said Dr. Adekolujo. “With this knowledge, treatment for cancer now includes other options beyond chemotherapy when appropriate. We now have medications, commonly in pill forms, that are developed to target genetic abnormalities causing cancers. When appropriately deployed, these targeted therapies can produce dramatic responses with less adverse effects compared to chemotherapy.”

Karmanos also offers the newest forms of immunotherapy, which arms a person’s own immune system to fight cancer cells, as well as precision medicine specifically designed to treat a patient’s cancer.

“Immunotherapy helps unmask the cancer cells and increase the potency of our immune system to destroy the cancer," says Dr. Adekolujo. “When cancer responds to immunotherapy, the effect can be durable.”

Dr. Adekolujo knows that cancer can be a challenging diagnosis, but he is confident that the Karmanos Cancer Institute at McLaren Flint is the best choice for treatment.

“Cancer diagnosis is often a difficult and life-changing one,” said Dr. Adekolujo. “Every cancer patient deserves a compassionate and knowledgeable oncology care team supported by advanced technologies. Here at the Karmanos Cancer Institute at McLaren Flint, our patients receive top-notch and compassionate cancer care close to where they live. We will stand by you at your lowest point and throughout your cancer care journey.”

Those who have been recently diagnosed with cancer and are seeking the best treatment option for their case may call the medical oncology office at Karmanos Cancer Institute at McLaren Flint for a consultation. Call 810-235-8568 for more information or visit karmanos.org/flintmedonc.