Four Home Remedies to Relieve Arthritis Pain

Arthritis is the most frequent cause of disability for adults in the United States and the fourth most common cause of hospitalization in the nation. Angus Goetz, DO, orthopedic surgeon at McLaren Northern Michigan Orthopedic Services in Petoskey, shares his top four tips for relieving arthritis pain that you can do on your own.

Weight Loss
Every pound of weight loss can decrease joint stress by up to four pounds when walking. Staying at a healthy weight is key to joint health.

Make time for low-impact exercising like swimming, biking, yoga, hiking or Pilates; you can strengthen your muscles and “unload the joints.” Make sure to talk with your primary care provider before starting a new exercise routine.

Topical Medication
Some medications, such as Icey Hot, Ben Gay or aspercreme can be used topically to decrease pain.

Over-the-Counter Treatment Options
The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons recommends Aleve (220mg) twice daily and/or Tylenol extra strength in divided doses not to exceed 3,000-4,000mg daily. Make sure to talk with your physician or pharmacist if you are currently on medications.

If you are one of the 27 million individuals each year who are diagnosed with arthritis, talk to you primary care provider for treatment options to keep you strong and healthy, or make an appointment with one of our McLaren Northern Michigan orthopedic specialists today. Call 231-487-5400 or visit

To learn more about arthritis and arthritis management, watch Dr. Goetz’s free education webinar.