Head and Neck Cancer Services Expanded at KCI at McLaren Flint

The already comprehensive team of experts welcomes three Karmanos Cancer Institute oncologists who specialize in head and neck cancer cases that are best treated with surgery.

Karmanos Cancer Institute at McLaren Flint expands head and neck cancer services by collaborating with Karmanos physicians in Detroit. Head and neck surgical oncologists George Yoo, MD, Jeffrey Hotaling, MD and John Cramer, MD are now also seeing patients in Flint. Expanding head and neck surgical services brings this option closer to Genesee County residents.

“We want to provide comprehensive head and neck services in the Flint area,” says Dr. Yoo, who also serves as the Chief Medical Officer at Karmanos Cancer Institute. “We’ll be on site to provide these services, so patients don’t have to travel too far. We will provide a team-care approach with the medical oncologist and radiation oncologist at the McLaren Flint cancer center.”

Surgery to remove cancers in the head and neck area are usually recommended for patients with mouth, throat and parotid gland cancers. Along with being designated a National Cancer Institute (NCI) Comprehensive Cancer Center, Karmanos is among the best centers in the country for treatment of head and neck diseases. Drs. Yoo, Hotaling and Cramer are part of Karmanos' head and neck multidisciplinary team. They have treated patients from across the country. The three physicians will work collaboratively with head and neck oncology experts on the McLaren Flint campus, including radiation, surgical and medical oncologists.

“Adding the head and neck surgical clinic to our list of services in Flint shows that we are dedicated to offering cancer patients the best treatment and care in the region,” says Chris Boyce, Central Region and McLaren Northern Michigan Director of Cancer Services for Karmanos Cancer Network. “Drs. Yoo, Hotaling and Cramer are joining an already impressive team of oncologists. They will work to coordinate the best treatments for head and neck patients, whether they are just getting surgery, or have decided on receiving a more comprehensive treatment that includes surgery and chemotherapy, or surgery and radiation.”

The addition of the three physicians in Flint will eliminate the need for patients traveling to Karmanos in downtown Detroit for surgical oncology head and neck cancer care. Mid-Michigan patients who have been recently diagnosed with head and neck cancer and are seeking the best treatment option for their case may call Karmanos Cancer Institute at McLaren Flint to schedule a consultation at (810) 342-3800, or visit www.karmanos.org/flintcancer.