HIPEC: How This Specialized Procedure is Used to Treat Abdominal Cancers

When it comes to cancers located in the abdomen, Karmanos Cancer Institute at McLaren Flint has a comprehensive cancer care team that works together to create the best treatment option for each patient.

For some patients, their treatment plan may include tumor removal. Karmanos offers advanced and minimally invasive treatment options for patients in Genesee County and surrounding communities. Surgical oncologist Tolutope Oyasiji, MD, MRCSI, MHSA, FACS utilizes laparoscopic, robotic surgery, and can also couple these procedures with a chemotherapy technique.

Dr. Oyasiji, however, is the only specialist in Genesee County trained in Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemoperfusion, also known as HIPEC.

According to HIPECtreatment.com, “Intraperitoneal” means the treatment is administered to the abdominal and “Hyperthermic Chemotherapy” means the solution is heated above normal body temperature.

“The heated chemotherapy solution is used to perfuse the peritoneal surface (inside lining of the abdomen) to destroy cancer nodules and the spread of cancer,” said Dr. Oyasiji. “These are tumor deposits that are sometimes difficult to reach with a chemotherapy solution administered through the vein or bloodstream.”

HIPEC can be used to treat appendix, colon and rectal, gastric, stomach, ovarian, peritoneal, pseudomyxoma and other abdominal cancers, according to HIPECtreatment.com.

“The first step I undertake is to remove the tumor implants from the peritoneal lining and the fatty apron (omentum) inside the abdomen,” said Dr. Oyasiji.

Directly after the removal of the tumor, Dr. Oyasiji and his surgical team use a special machine that heats up the chemotherapy solution and pumps it into the abdomen. The heated medicine is circulated through a special perfusion pump for 90 minutes.

“You might call it a heated chemotherapy solution washout of the abdomen,” explained Dr. Oyasiji. “This treatment helps to eliminate the tumor implants and prevents recurrence of the cancer.”

Dr. Oyasiji is a member of the Breast, Gastrointestinal and Melanoma Oncology Multidisciplinary Teams at Karmanos. He works collaboratively with radiation and medical oncologists in Flint to ensure the best treatment plan for each patient.

To schedule a consultation with Dr. Oyasiji call (810) 342-3801 or contact the oncology nurse navigator, Hannah Ardelean, BSN, RN, OCN at (810) 342-4848. For more information, visit karmanos.org/flintcancer.