How McLaren Is Improving Employee Perks to Be the Workplace of Choice

Author: Lindsey Ulrich

McLaren Greater Lansing's new health care campus brings advantages for those looking for health care positions in the greater Lansing area.



The topic of job shortages and low staffing levels has been prevalent in all sectors, but especially in health care. From the COVID-19 pandemic that helped shape the way health care is being delivered today to rising inflation and operation costs, the health care labor market looks much different. At McLaren, making the necessary improvements to help with recruitment and staff retention has been at the forefront for change.

“We worked hard to update our compensation and nursing environment so that we can be competitive with the health care market,” said Derek Peters, vice president of human resources for McLaren Greater Lansing. “We’ve significantly increased the pay ranges that will continue over the next three years for our registered nurses, added robust sign-on bonuses, and increased the premiums we offer for certain shifts, while eliminating the lower tiers of pay we had before.”

=Another big change is a phased-out approach to removing mandatory overtime.

“We collaboratively worked together so that we could make the right changes that worked for both the organization and our staff,” said Peters.

The way the float pool nursing positions work at McLaren is also changing through the new contract.

“We added another pay tier to our nursing float pool that is specific to our critical areas, such as the emergency department or the ICU,” said Peters. “This provides a pay incentive for those looking to care for our very ill patients.”

McLaren Greater Lansing’s new health care campus, opened in March 2022, also bring advantages to those looking for health care positions in the Greater Lansing area. The hospital’s design was centered around efficiency for both the staff and patients and brings a light, airy, and welcoming feel throughout the entire hospital.

“With the new facility, we were able to combine both of our Greenlawn and Pennsylvania campuses to provide services in one location that is more visible and available right off the highway,” said Peters. “Everything is brand-new and efficient, including the new technology, additional communication tools such as hands-free communication devices, a pneumatic tubing system, and better layout for our staff.”

This year, McLaren Greater Lansing developed an experience team, a committee comprised of a diverse group of staff from throughout the organization aimed at increasing employee satisfaction and health and wellness.

“McLaren Greater Lansing believes healthy employees are happy employees,” said Lynn Griffor, chief experience officer at McLaren Greater Lansing. “We developed a comprehensive employee engagement program that incorporates health and wellness, recognition opportunities, and celebrations for our providers, residents, and staff.”

The new employee wellness program supports employees’ mental and physical health and includes 24/7 access to a brand-new fitness center. Additionally, all employees will have access to the Flex City Fitness app, which includes on-demand workouts, recipes and meal plans, discounts to local businesses, monthly McLaren-specific challenges, and quarterly on-site fitness events. The new health care campus also features the McLaren Mile, a walking trail that employees are encouraged to use, and an annual employee health and wellness fair.

McLaren Greater Lansing is currently hiring registered nurses. For more information, call (517) 975-7187.

Additionally, other positions that are currently open include environmental services, patient registration, nursing assistants, medical assistants, and respiratory therapists. To learn more about becoming a part of the McLaren family and to apply for a position at McLaren Greater Lansing, click here.

To learn more about McLaren Greater Lansing and the new health care campus, click here.