Karmanos Cancer Institute at McLaren Clarkston

World-class cancer care is available through McLaren.

When it comes to cancer, trust matters. Clarkston residents can trust that when they put their health into the care of the experienced clinical experts at McLaren Clarkston, they have access to the latest in diagnostic technology and cancer expertise.

And, thanks to the Karmanos Cancer Institute, access to a statewide network of oncologists and clinical trials.

Here’s what our physicians say.

Dr. Ashley Richardson

Breast surgeon, on the benefits of 3D mammography
“3D mammography technology provides us with the clearest, highest-quality images of the breast tissue, offering us the best chance to detect breast cancer in its earliest stages and when it might be hiding in dense tissue. It’s vital for women to keep to their recommended mammogram schedule, in addition to performing regular self-examinations. Following these recommendations aids in early breast cancer detection, allowing our oncologists to begin treatment during the stages when treatment will give patients their best chance to beat their cancer.”

Dr. Stephen Franklin

Radiation oncologist, on low-dose CT lung cancer screenings
“This imaging technology is the only screening available for early-stage lung cancer detection. People who are living with lung cancer risk factors and who meet the criteria for the screening, such as those who are or were heavy smokers and have smoked for many years, could absolutely benefit from this. If they should unfortunately have lung cancer, this screening test would allow us to begin treating the cancer in a proactive way, before it begins to cause potentially debilitating symptoms and spread to other areas of the body. This would be a very advantageous approach.”

Dr. Anteneh Tesfaye

Medical oncologist, on the benefits of having the Karmanos Cancer Institute at McLaren Clarkston
“We were all so excited when the Karmanos Cancer Institute came to McLaren Clarkston. There is a reason Karmanos is recognized as a nationwide leader in cancer care. With its clinical trial program and cancer research, patients have incredible access to the latest treatments. Now, cancer patients in Clarkston can benefit from the incredible knowledge base and network at Karmanos.”