Local Company Shaggy’s Copper Country Skis and 1-800-STENCIL to Manufacture Face Shields for McLaren Health Care

A Facebook post by Shaggy’s Copper Country Skis triggered McLaren Northern Michigan to reach out to understand their capabilities to manufacture Face Shields for the protection of patients and employees.

It began on March 18, 2020, when the McLaren Northern Michigan COVID-19 preparedness team was discussing manufacturers in the area and how they might be able to make needed products. Shaggy’s Facebook post was discussed and a call was placed. “All of the pieces came together quickly. When we called the shop they told us that one of the owners, Jeff Thompson and his wife had just had a baby and were already in the hospital,” stated Todd Burch, Chief Executive Officer at McLaren Northern Michigan.

A sample face shield was brought to the OB department of the hospital and given to the new father. He confirmed that if the plastic used to make the shield was available, Shaggy’s would make the face shield.

In just a few days, Shaggy’s developed prototypes and sent them to McLaren Northern Michigan to test and approve. “This is another example of how a community can make a difference in a difficult time,” said Burch. “Shaggy’s offered to help in any way that they could, and their efforts will make a significant difference during this health crisis.”

Shaggy’s received the green light from McLaren, and they are now producing shields to help protect health care employees across the state. “We’ve transitioned our production from skis to a much more critical item, one that is in short supply in many areas. Working with 1-800-Stencil, the Shaggy’s crew is now focused on making over a hundred thousand protective face shields for those in hospitals, clinics, and labs that desperately need to avoid infection and stay healthy. We’re honored to serve our community and healthcare workers. With everyone doing their part, we can conquer COVID-19 together,” stated Jeff Thompson. 

McLaren Northern Michigan urges the community to take proactive steps to protect your family; wash your hands, avoid highly touched areas, and practice social distancing by staying home unless it is absolutely critical. The community’s actions now will determine how severely COVID-19 impacts the northern Michigan community.