McLaren Bay Region Welcomes Dr. Ryan Fahy to General Surgery Team

Ryan Fahy, DO is one of three new general surgeons at McLaren Bay Region, adding to an already robust McLaren Bay Region General Surgery team.

We sat down with Dr. Fahy to ask him a few questions about himself, and his path to the Great Lakes Bay Region:

Q: Why did you choose a career in medicine?

A: From my earliest memories, I wanted to pursue medicine. My mother and father sparked my passion for the sciences and I gravitated toward anatomy and biology. It helped that those subjects came easily and naturally to me.

Ryan Fahy, DO, General Surgeon

Q: How did you decide on general surgery?

A: As a lifelong hockey player and athlete, working with my hands came intuitively. My first time stepping into the OR solidified the fact that the OR was the only place for me. The variety, breadth of practice, and challenge of general surgery drew me in and I never looked back.

Q: What made McLaren an appealing option at which to practice?

A: I graduated from the McLaren Greater Lansing General Surgery program and transitioning into a McLaren position in Bay City was a seamless transition.

Q: What attracted you to the Great Lakes Bay Region?

A: I'm originally from Chicago, and all of my family still lives there, so remaining within a several-hour drive was a plus. My wife and I have also enjoyed our time living in Lansing, and exploring the best that Michigan has to offer. Being in a central location with northern Michigan, Detroit, Lansing, and Grand Rapids so close it was ideal for us.

Q: What do you hope to accomplish with your practice?

A: I hope to develop a strong robotics-centered practice, but also practice open and laparoscopic surgery as well. I truly want to practice the full scope of general surgery, from Breast, Colorectal, Complex abdominal, and inguinal hernias, including sports hernias, Gallbladder, Foregut, and all other aspects of acute care surgery.

Q: What are your interests outside of your office?

A: I enjoy traveling and cooking with my wife. I enjoy hiking with and spoiling my two dogs. I still actively play Ice Hockey and never plan to quit. I enjoy doing CrossFit, and staying active, as well as hunting, and fishing.

Dr. Fahy is now accepting new patients at McLaren Bay General Surgery, located at 4175 N Euclid Ave., Suite 7 in Bay City.

To make an appointment, call (989) 891-8112 or click HERE: