McLaren Caro Region names Daisy Award winner

We are delighted to announce that Jessica Creason, was chosen as this year's recipient of the prestigious Daisy Award!

"Jessica's journey with us began as a graduate nurse and has shown remarkable growth and development. Starting as a med-surg nurse, she has truly flourished in the fast-paced environment of the ER," stated Yvonne Vandecar, Director of Nursing.

Jessica's unwavering commitment to patient care truly sets her apart. A recent incident serves as an example of her dedication. When a patient arrived at the ER feeling unwell, Jessica immediately took charge of triaging the patient and providing prompt updates to the attending physician. Recognizing the critical condition of the patient, she acted swiftly and efficiently, working tirelessly even though her shift had long ended. Her calm demeanor and quick thinking made all the difference. Despite facing numerous obstacles, like adverse weather conditions grounding helicopters and a shortage of ACLS rigs in the area, Jessica ensured that the patient was transferred safely. This was after a BLS rig was transformed into an ACLS rig by having nursing staff accompany the patient. Thanks to her decisive actions, the patient not only survived but thrived.

Jessica's dedication extends beyond extraordinary moments like these. She is a hardworking and energetic individual who willingly takes on additional shifts to ensure our patients receive exceptional care. Her compassion, work ethic, and selflessness are evident every time she walks through our doors. One nomination captured the essence of Jessica perfectly, stating, "She always has a smile on her face every time I see her."

Yvonne added, "We want to express our heartfelt gratitude to Jessica for her exceptional contributions to our team. Her dedication and compassion have not gone unnoticed by her colleagues and administration. Please join us in congratulating Jessica Creason as this year's well-deserved recipient of the Daisy Award. Your unwavering commitment is acknowledged and deeply appreciated by all. "