McLaren Flint Fourth Quarter Physician Recognition Award Presented to Sunita Tummala, MD

Author: Jasmine Brown

Sunita Tummala, MD, board-certified neurologist, is McLaren Flint’s fourth quarter Physician Recognition Award recipient. She was given the award in front of her peers in November.

Dr. Tummala is the medical director of the McLaren Stroke Program. She has been with McLaren Flint for fourteen years.

Dr. Tummala’s nomination form reads:

Sunita Tummala, MD Physician Recognition Award

“Dr. Tummala provides exemplary care to her patients and families. She is kind, never rushes, and makes herself available. She has never been rude or short with staff. She is happy to educate staff and families. Dr. Tummala goes out of her way to be helpful. 

“One day, I was taking a patient to a CT scan and the bed motor did not work. She helped me push the bed.  She is simply amazing! Dr. Tummala also is head of the stroke program. On another occasion, I had a few questions, so Dr. Tummala stopped to contact our stroke coordinator for me. She did not have to take her time to do that. Dr. Tummala always goes above and beyond!”

Dr. Tummala specializes in neurology and clinical neurophysiology. She sees patients at her office, located at G-5084 W. Pierson Road in Flint.

The quarterly Physician Recognition Award allows physicians and staff to acknowledge members of the medical staff who:

  • Are a current member of the McLaren Flint medical staff.
  • Demonstrate compassion and concern for patients and staff.
  • Have a cooperative attitude toward patients, colleagues, and staff.
  • Strive for constituent quality outcomes.
  •  Display leadership and support to the organization.