McLaren Flint Interventional Neurologist Area's First to Perform Innovative Treatment for Complex Aneurysms


 McLaren Flint Interventional Neurologist Area's First to Perform Innovative Treatment for Complex Aneurysms

Aniel Majjhoo, MD, an interventional neurologist at McLaren Flint, was the first doctor in the region to use the Woven EndoBridge (WEB) Aneurysm Embolization System to treat patients with complex aneurysms. The WEB Embolization System is the first technology of its kind to offer a minimally invasive treatment alternative to coils and stenting, as well as open craniotomy procedures for complex aneurysms.

Since performing the first WEB implant procedure in August of 2019, Dr. Majjhoo and his practice partners have utilized this technology in successfully treating multiple patients who have been referred to them from throughout Michigan.

The WEB implant is a permanent nickel titanium mesh ball that self-expands, reduces blood flow to the site of the aneurysm and aids in the clotting process. This minimally invasive procedure is performed by introducing the implant into the blood vessels near the groin region. Once the implant is fed through the catheter system to the aneurysm in the brain, it is detached from the delivery system and placed into the sac of the intracranial aneurysm, reducing blood flow and promoting clotting.

Before the WEB implant system was introduced, doctors had limited options of opening the brain to treat complex aneurysms to prevent them from rupturing. This new, minimally invasive system allows physicians to treat many types of complex aneurysms with less risk for the patient.

"We have had great success in treating patients with this new system," said Dr. Majjhoo. "This innovative technology allows us to treat several various complex aneurysms both electively and emergently, providing more treatment options for a wide variety of patients. Because it is such a minimally invasive system, the patient is at less risk for complications, has a shorter hospital stay and a faster recovery time."

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