McLaren Flint is Mid-Michigan’s First Heart Program to Offer Latest AFib Technology

Author: Sherry Farney



McLaren Flint, the region’s leading comprehensive cardiovascular program, is the first program in Mid-Michigan to offer the FARAPULSE™ Pulse Field Ablation System (PFA), a unique and advanced technology for the treatment of atrial fibrillation (AF), also known as AFib, a leading cause of stroke.

An irregular heart rhythm caused by abnormal electrical impulses, the traditional treatment of AFib was the destruction of specific heart tissue through either a thermal (heat) ablation or cryo (cold) ablation.

An alternative to the traditional approach, FARAPULSE uses non-thermal electrical pulses to ablate the damaged tissue while avoiding damage to surrounding structures.

“This new system is extremely efficient and effective,” said Dr. Abdul Alawwa, McLaren Flint cardiac electrophysiologist. “This means patients can be under anesthesia for less time, and the entire process is also shorter.”

Performed in the McLaren Flint cardiac catheterization lab, a catheter is inserted into the patient’s groin and tunneled to the heart. With the assistance of advanced imaging, the cardiac electrophysiologist directs the catheter to the damaged tissue and deploys the electrical impulses.Ab

With three cardiac electrophysiologists proficient in the procedure, McLaren Flint performed its first FARAPULSE on June 3.

“We’ve been looking forward to being able to use this system,” said Dr. Mustafa Hassan, McLaren Flint cardiac electrophysiologist. “Such safe, effective therapies allow us to treat more patients, and reduce complications.”

The American Heart Association predicts that by the year 2030, over 12 million people are projected to be diagnosed with AFib, which carries an increased risk of stroke, heart failure, and other heart-related complications than those with regular heart rhythms.

With an estimated 7 million Americans already living with AFib, this new technology has the potential to benefit countless patients.

“Data from clinical trials shows the device is as safe and effective as conventional thermal ablation, and with the incidence of atrial fibrillation on the rise, this couldn’t come at a better time,” said Dr. Madar Abed, McLaren Flint cardiac electrophysiologist.

Manufactured by Boston Scientific, FARAPULSE is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

“The use of this advanced ablation technology is a perfect example of how the hospital works with physicians to do what’s best for our patients,” said McLaren Flint President and CEO Chris Candela. “It’s also another reminder that patients can receive the life-changing heart care they need close to home.”

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