McLaren Flint Names August Outstanding Employee of the Month

Author: Leslie Toldo

McLaren Flint is pleased to announce August’s Outstanding Employee of the Month, Pharmacy Buyer Michael Williams. Michael has been on the McLaren Flint pharmacy team for 12 years. The licensed pharmacy technician moved to the buyer role in 2019. Leadership honored Michael during a late August ceremony.

Simply put, colleagues say they can count on Michael in an emergency. Twice this year, he has helped co-workers in medical distress. Pharmacy Director Suzy Wilson said she also witnessed Michael assisting a patient who was not able to walk to an IV therapy appointment.

"These are just a few examples of how Michael has eyes and ears open to help employees and patients while performing his duties," Wilson said.

Michael said his responses in crisis are natural reactions any of his colleagues would have in the same situations. "I think that's why we get into the healthcare profession, to help people."